How It Works 3 Simple Steps Toward Clarity and Joy


Purge Focus on your vision of your best life.

I work side by side with you as you focus on what brings true value to you, releasing anything that is not in line with your vision of your best life. I can help you with the offloading process- donating, selling, etc., or take care of it completely.


Place Everything has its perfect place.

In this step, I put new systems of organization in place. Without proper solutions, things pile up and your space goes right back into havoc. I know what works! And I will rework your space until it is clear and beautiful and beaming with what brings YOU joy.


Preserve Keep up with your space, with ease.

Your space has been transformed to its beautiful best. How can we keep it that way? My guidance doesn’t end when the work sessions are complete. I follow up to see how your new systems are working and help make adjustments as needed.


I can organize  the entire home, or just a single room that you are having trouble with. If this is your first time hiring a professional organizer and you want to get a feel for what I can do, try starting with a small job such as a bathroom or closet. If opting for a full home revival, I encourage you to check out my package plans below.


A clear work space makes a productive work day. I can revamp your office, whether in or out of the home, and make it work with you, not against you. If you are looking to put your business online, I can help you digitize your files. Or if you are more of a pen and paper kind of person, I can streamline hard files for you as well.


If you let yourself get creative, you will realize that there is nothing that can’t be organized! I have done car interiors, storage units, even smart phone and computer files. Beyond organization of physical space, I can also help you organize your life in the way of time management, goal setting, and planner systems.

Get Organized With Me! Paedrin Blues, Professional Organizer

I have worked in people’s homes for over 5 years, as a personal assistant and professional cleaner. I noticed a correlation between my clients whose homes were in order and my clients who were functioning at their best. On the other hand, I saw that clutter equals stress. And stress effects our health, the way we interact with the world and the people in it, and ultimately, the way we live our lives.

Organization has enormous value in my life. When I own only things that I love, and I know where each of those items are, AND they are displayed in a beautiful way, I feel free. My home becomes a friend and a living breathing tool to help me live my life, rather than a confined space that I am constantly fighting against.

It brings me so much joy to help other women feel free and vibrant and at home in their space. I acknowledge that it can feel vulnerable letting someone into your home. I am honored that women put their trust in me and I take that trust and confidentiality very seriously. I never pass judgement in a cluttered space. It happens to the best of us in our busy lives, and I am here to help, not judge.

Paedrin creates organized solutions for managing everything in your home. Her ability to create Pinterest-worthy organization in every closet, room, and area of the house is amazing and will leave your home feeling functional and beautiful.

Kirsten A Laguna Beach, CA

My kitchen was a disaster and I avoided being in it. After Paedrin’s help, I love cooking again! The clutter is gone, I know where everything is, and it feels so peaceful. I can’t thank you enough!

Lara M Temecula, CA

Rates Single sessions, packages, and remote organizing

A La Carte

A Taste Of Organized – $195

If you are on a budget or just want to get a taste of what Art Of Organized can do for you, this single session is a great place to start. We will work together for a half day to achieve your organizing goals.

Kickstart – $600

Need a space transformed FAST? We will bring in the team for a full day of organizing, to clear the space all in one go!

Package Plans

Simplify – $780 (3 sessions)

Transform – $1500 (6 sessions)

Overhaul – $2160 (12 sessions)

*edit/ sort/ stage

*each session is 4 hours in length

*includes communications between sessions and for up to two weeks after the last session

Remote Organizing Program

The Remote Organizing Program dissolves the limitations of time and space, allowing you to meet your lifestyle goals without having to physically bring a professional organizer in. You set the sessions around your schedule, and we connect via phone/skype/ email over the course of 3 months. 

This very personalized program is presented in 4 stages which have been curated in a way which allows you to realize your vision to the fullest.

Stage 1– A strong foundation is first laid out in which you discover and establish the why behind your desire to get organized, and lasting results ensue.

Stage 2– Now we strategize and set the plan into action. I am here every step of the way, for accountability, encouragement, advice, and resources. Stage 2 is focused on editing/ purging.

Stage 3– Stage 3 is focused on sorting/placing/aesthetic/style. Again, I am here every step of the way, for accountability, encouragement, advice, and resources

Stage 4– The final stage is focused on creating a plan going forward to keep your space at its sparkling best. Maintenance templates and charts are included.

You will receive a follow-up 2 weeks after the program’s end, so that we can make adjustments if needed.

$585 for 3 month program

$1040 for 5 month program

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to be a minimalist to have an organized space?

Absolutely not! You do not need to get rid of all of your belongings in order to benefit from organizing services. And you do not need to adopt a sterile design sense to be organized. You can be a creative, a maximalist, an artist or collector with an abundance of tools and supplies. If it brings you joy, we fill find a practical and beautiful way to keep it.

Who do you organize for? What areas do you serve?

I operate out of Laguna Beach and serve the surrounding south OC area. I charge a travel fee for North OC, Riverside County, and North San Diego County. I organize for women only, or for families and couples working in tandem. 

What happens to my belongings after we purge?

You have a lot of different options as far as offloading goes. The first consideration to make is whether you want to donate, sell, or trash the items you do not wish to keep. I have compiled a resource of local charities, homeless shelters, etc. for donation. I can personally drop off your items or point you in the direction of the organization you wish to donate to. As far as selling goes, I can post pictures of your items to online sale sites, or take to consignment.

How can I stay organized once the job is complete?

Oftentimes, clients ask me to create chore charts for little ones in the family and even for the grown ups too! Many people have a cleaning schedule for their home, why not have a maintenance schedule for organization as well? 

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